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Data Security

Only you have access to your data

You are the only one who has access to your data. Unless the account administrator gives them permission, none of our employees have access to the Personal Account Data at HubCloud Service. Your data will not be used for any personal purposes or disclosed to third parties. Our business revolves around providing convenient services and does not overlap with yours.

Full Data Backup

To ensure the safety of your data, we take all necessary measures. We back up the system on an automatic basis every several hours, which allows us to restore the system even in the event of a complete failure of our servers or accidental deletion of your data.

System Reliability

Our system is based on a geographically distributed network of cloud services located in the United States and Europe to ensure reliability. A real-time synchronization of data between them eliminates the risk of data loss during an emergency. All requests will be immediately transferred to another server in the event of an accident.

Data Link Encryption

SSL secures all data transmitted between your browser and the Service. HubCloud Service protects transmitted packets from unauthorized access with 256-bit encryption.

Authorization Protection

The HubCloud Service ensures that your session will not be stolen and used to steal your data when you log in. Users' sessions are stored in special database tables, have a limited life cycle, and the session ID changes every few minutes, making it impossible for attackers to steal them.


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