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The goal of this module is to create an efficient production process based on customer and organizational needs. In addition to optimizing customer-dependent processes, such as on-time delivery, it also optimizes customer-independent processes, such as production cycle time.

  • Estimate Product Demand -- Based on this, you can determine how many products you need to produce over a specified period of time. Estimates are generated by combining historical production trends with new market trends.


  • Weigh Production Options -- Assessing how best to use the resources on hand based on projected demand estimates involves accounting for available resources.


  • The Most Efficient Option -- Choose the resource that is least expensive and most efficient in terms of time and cost.


  • Monitoring and Evaluation -- Monitor how the plan is being implemented and evaluate how well that compares to what should be occurring according to the plan.


  • Smart Plan -- Enhancing future production plans so they meet customer goals more efficiently and are executed more effectively.


Streamline your inventory processes by managing items efficiently, tracing quality, and replenishing robustly. Increase inventory turns and lower carrying costs by optimizing stocking levels to avoid rush orders and stock-out situations.

  • Location Management

Multiple warehouse locations can be configured and managed based on aisle, row, rack, slot, and bin locations. Set default locations for receiving, returns, shipping, and drop-shipping. Establish a priority system based on the item and the warehouse.

  • Replenishment

Calculate replenishment based on minimum and maximum order quantities, reorder points, seasonality, lead times, safety stock, and forecast models.

  • Stock Turnover

Real-time inventory turnover insights for warehouse and retail operations. Improve replenishment strategies, identify obsolete or slow-moving stock, adjust stock levels for fast-moving items to avoid stock-outs, and benchmark inventory turnover ratios against industry peers with the inventory turnover ratio inquiry.

  • Side Panels

Sales orders, shipment details, invoices, purchase orders, receipts, and invoice details are displayed on distribution side panels directly in sales orders, shipments, and invoices.


One Last Cloud Equipment

Your Company Needs

Machine Arm Assembling Car


Finding the right one isn't as hard as you might think.

It's time to make your own!

HubCloud's experts have prepared all the tools you need to efficiently manage your production processes. Easy configuration and quick assembly allow all functions to be customized for your business needs.


  • Complete Inventory Control

A smooth manufacturing process depends on inventory management. With an inventory management solution, you can monitor both internal and external stock movements accurately and in real time. Furthermore, it allows you to identify the most plentiful and under-marketable products so that you can manage purchases and procurement more efficiently and bring innovation to market. 

  • Link All the Departments

Manufacturing companies can use HubCloud’s solution to integrate their financial divisions, human resources divisions, inventory departments, sales departments, and customer service departments. As a result, the company doesn't have to manually monitor each department separately. With one system, all departments can coordinate and managers can get real-time data from all of them.

  • Provide Accurate Data & Improve Decision-Making

Using the solution, manufacturers can gain a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of their business operations. This includes sales performance, customer satisfaction, profits and losses, stock prices, finances, and labor. This data will certainly assist stakeholders in making more accurate estimates and forecasts, which will enable management to make smarter and faster business decisions.


With a wide range of integrations available, you can integrate even more important modules and 3rd-party services. Learn more about integration possibilities by contacting us.


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