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Manufacturing Company

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Manufacturing Company
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Furniture Manufacturing

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Production of furniture based on the custom design

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ERP solution keeps track of all operational records from initial inquiry to project completion. Additionally, the Block of Accounting for Coordinating, Procuring, and Supplying all components and raw materials. The goals were to control expenses for all items, and to distribute all goods and materials purchases according to orders as much as possible.

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5 Months


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At first, I was skeptical of HubCloud's capabilities, but thanks to Michael and his team, we became satisfied users. We were able to overcome many operational challenges thanks to the system, which had a positive impact on the company's performance.


Department Manager


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Yes, absolutely! HubCloud platform allows you to duplicate required functionality, adapt it to your unique operational structure, and implement it quickly.

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Implementation cost is directly influenced by the amount of time saved on building the solution.

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In HubCloud we believe that every organization has its own unique way of doing business. This is why we designed the platform to provide powerful solutions for all kinds of management tasks. See how technology can boost your business by contacting us today.

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Performance / Results


Reduction in Time on Order Processing


Mins to Process a Payroll for 150+ Employees


Cost Savings from Over-Purchasing


Better Access to Customer Information


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